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Vice Chairman, Chaitanya Group


GIET School of Pharmacy has established a tradition of excellence in the education and practice of pharmacy and research in pharmaceutical sciences. One of the first pharmacy graduate programme established in the region of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India during the year 2004. Pharm D & Pharm D (PB) are the leading programs of clinical pharmacy and five different specializations in PG programmes are offered by the Institute.
We are set to take the mission of implementing new education methodologies to enable quality learning. It also encourages independent thinking and helps the student in developing wholesome personality so that they can contribute their best to the society and the country. Quality education should orient national development that should aim at training the younger generation the life skills, self-reliance, personality development, community service and social integration. Our students are the most important natural resource that we have and their education is an investment in the future of the pharmacy profession. Our outstanding faculty members are preparing students for the future which will bring further changes to the practice of pharmacy.
Pharmacists are indispensable in the healthcare system and directly affect patient care and health outcomes. As a pharmacist there are professional opportunities in public and private practice within hospitals and community settings, the pharmaceutical industry and government, research, and academia. The training provided in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences provides the expertise and ability to advance professional avenues.

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